Servicio de reuniones de asamblea y directorio remotas

Nicholson and Cano offers to advise our clients in all legal and logistical aspects related to the celebration of Board and Shareholder meetings held “remotely”, in order to ensure that meetings held remotely comply with the applicable legal requirements. This advice includes:

(i) the preparation of all the necessary documents for the celebration of the Board of Directors meeting and / or remote Shareholder meetings (publications in the Official Gazette, electronic attendance communications, minutes of the Board and Shareholders meeting, proxies, among others)

(ii) providing and coordinating a web platform for the remote connection of the members of the Board, Shareholders, and Statutory Auditors, through a video teleconference system, which allows free accessibility to meetings, in accordance with the requirements of the current regulations.

While holding remote meetings will be more relevant as long as the preventive and compulsory social isolation lasts, we emphasize that the possibility of holding meetings remotely is already provided for in current regulations, so it may continue to be used after the preventive and compulsory social isolation regulations are lifted, as long as the possibility is provided for in the bylaws of the company.

Remote boards of director’s and shareholders’ meeting

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