Francisco Muruzeta



Practice Areas

(54 11) 4872 1756




Extensive experience in business law, with outstanding performance in contract and commercial law matters. Has participated in several domestic and international transactions. Specialized in Antitrust Law, both in the areas of economic concentrations and behavior.

Has worked at Nicholson y Cano since 1998, appointed Partner in 2010.



Lawyer, School of Law and Political Sciences, “Santa María de los Buenos Aires” Argentine Catholic University (1998).

Master in Business Law, Universidad de San Andrés (2007).

Specialized in Antitrust Law, USN (2008).


Remarks on the New Antitrust Act (“El Derecho”) (2002).

“The Cease and Desist Commitment of Section 36 of Antitrust Act 25,156 ” (“La Ley”) (2007).

“Disco-Jumbo Merger: A Clarifying Judgement on the Enforcement Entity of the Antitrust Act and a Distorted View of Collective Public Administration” (“Revista Argentina del Régimen de la Administración Pública”) (2009).

At specialized site “,” under the heading “Another Lost Opportunity,” regarding the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in the case “Telecom Italia SpA et al, Writ of Prohibition” (2013).

At site “Minuto Uno”, under the heading “New Civil and Commercial Code. News Changing Our Lives” (2015).

In “Cronista Comercial,” in article “5 Keys to Understanding the New Civil and Commercial Code” (2015).

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